Hunt Descriptions
Packhorse Creek Outfitters offers both single and multi-species hunts. The first hunt on our schedule is the classic fourteen day spot and stalk spring grizzly hunt. The North Fork of the Flathead is renowned for having one of the highest densities of grizzly bears in North America which becomes truly evident to the client. Not only do clients typically get to see a high number of bears, but the nature of the species and the country make it truly an adventurous hunt.

Coinciding with the grizzly bear hunt is the spring black bear hunt. This is a seven day spot and stalk hunt combining some of the fun and excitement  of the grizzly bear hunt at a much lower cost. The use of horses and the multi color phases of bears are two drawing cards for this hunt.

To start the fall hunting season, we offer a seven day archery elk hunt. The hunt starts in early September and has the advantage of harvesting any bull and starting before the rifle season opens.

We then follow with our primary elk hunt, which is a classic ten day elk hunt during the peak of the rut. From early September through mid-October, we are fortunate to be able to hunt trophy bull elk (six points or better) with a rifle. The hunt can also include mule deer, whitetail deer and or black bear if the client pre-purchases the tags.

In October, we also offer a combination elk/mountain goat hunt. This is a ten day hunt that we enjoy good success with. The elk are typically in the tail end of the rut and it is a good time to chase a big bull. The goats will have their full winter hair and are still in their fall habitat, so they are still accessible. For those who are looking for a straight goat hunt, we offer two ten day hunts in October. For those looking for something a bit different we also offer a combination Shiras moose hunt/goat hunt. The dates for this hunt are in the latter half of October (see schedule).

Like all other species, we offer a straight ten day Shiras moose hunt. This is a highly successful hunt. The first hunt starts in mid-October and the second, late in October (see schedule). For those who like the multi species hunt, we also offer a Shiras moose/cougar hunt. The Flathead traditionally sees an early snowfall which is very good for both the late season moose hunt and chasing cougars. This has become a popular combination hunt for our clients.

One of most desired hunts is the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep hunt. This is a twelve day hunt that puts the hunter on top of the Continental Divide chasing the majestic bighorn. The beauty of the country, combined with good success, results in many of our sheep clients returning to enjoy the experience again. We offer hunts in both September and October (see schedule).

For the cat hunting enthusiast, we offer single species hunts for cougar and lynx or we can run a combination hunt. The cougar season opens in September so we can start hunting as soon as the snow flies, which is typically just before Halloween. The lynx season does not open until Nov. 15th so look to hunt the last half of November.

For a current equipment list, click here. The equipment list is in .pdf format for your convenience.